About us

Alams is a thriving synthesis of entrepreneurial start-ups, business enterprises and private firms. It serves as the egalitarian roof for 400 plus individuals working towards uncharted excellence in Canada, Middle East, Sub-Continent and beyond. We aspire to empower our customers on a gargantuan magnitude by equipping them with advanced cloud based solutions that enable enhanced, optimized operational efficiencies in the age of innovation.

The scopes of our focus encompass locating revolutionary technological solutions that bestow our customers with value driven competitive edges. We sustain all types of business conglomerates with the mountain of support they need and the attention they deserve.

With 22 plus years of dextrous experience serving as our badge of pride, we have been way ahead of the curve with our stupendous solutions and stunning systems in the enterprise market. Alams provides swift solutions based on intangible merchandise, application lore and wide options regarding comprehensive models. The fusion of intangible merchandise with earnest professionalism is what distinguishes us a class apart. By forging a bond with us, consumers not only achieve their aspirations and novel ideas; they attain operational efficiency whilst saving coin, time, resources and gaining mastery over profit maximisation.

Alams mission & values

Alams is a torch-bearer in refining complex systems, advanced analytics and user experience to the zenith of financial success. By joining forces with the business enterprises we serve, we are striving for an industrious yet efficient software system. We aspire to build breakthrough solutions in order to transform revolutionary business firms and end-user outcomes.


Whether it comes to idlehood through procrastination or corruption through falsehood, we make no compromises on honor and morality.


We believe a firm is only as strong as the time and belief invested in it by its loyal consumers. At Alams, we are not just a mere business. We are a family.


There’s no “i” in team. Working to the best of our abilities under an egalitarian roof, we encourage everyone to present their ideas and evolve from constructive criticism.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu.

We are well aware that significant progress takes time. No matter the weather, we aspire to brave the storms and seek the silver lining amidst dark clouds.

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