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We, at Alams, strongly believe that autistic youngsters deserve an opportunity to live life at its fullest extent. Not only do we actively advocate autistic children, we also offer reliable information on special education law. Our annual events range from interactive webinars and newsworthy podcasts to COVID-19 specials and community festivals for autism. We have dedicated our systems, time and resources entirely so that these youngsters can amplify their spark under the gaze of patron saints.

Altruism for autism. With these three noble words engraved in mind, we equip minimally verbal autistic youngsters with communication devices. The ultimate goal behind assistive, augmentative and alternative communication is to enable and encourage everyone with a chance to speak. Because after all, what is the point of living if one has no one to share their life with. Revel in rapture and make a profound impact as you make the most of training workshops with a diversity of parents, guardians and autism professionals.


We are aware of the immense need for safety regarding autistic children. In 2008, Danish researchers found that the mortality risk among the autism population is twice as high as the general population. Besides being threatened by bullying and abuse, these individuals have a minimal awareness of danger. Nearly half of children with autism demonstrate a wandering behavior with an enigmatic tendency to escape or bolt from domestic confines. Our time on webinars, podcasts and brochures is focused in order to prevent that.


By tailoring our endeavors to the zenith of perfection, we strive to connect self advocates with families, educators and researchers. By striving for the availability of scholarships for these gifted, bright youth, we aim to achieve pragmatic and lasting outcomes. And by empowering autistic youngsters through fundraising, we are unyielding in our quest to make a difference. In a time of surging communal advances, we believe that the people we serve makes us who we are. We have experience. We have heart. We have soul.

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