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Preventing COVID-19

BT Contact Tracing

Cloud Architecture.

Privacy protection.

Dashboard and apps.

100% Cloud Workspace

Secure and private cloud.

Multi-collaboration tools

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COVID-19 dashboards.

GIS heatmaps.

AI based data harvesting.

Multi-layered interfaces.

Thermal Access Control for a Safe Passage

covid-19 thermography solution

Attaining temperatures accurately was always exhausting when it came to multiple users. Now add convenience to your life with our quick-to-use BTMS-40.

BTMS-40 helping to protect from COVID-19 infection spread.

When a global pandemic threatens the survival of humanity, BTMS-40 comes to the rescue. Render the notorious COVID-19 powerless with state-of-the-art technology and diminish contagion by the core. Achieve temperature accuracy as well as real-time monitoring with your new trustworthy companion, the brand new BTMS-40. Offering an amazing combination of AI and thermal technology, the BTMS-40 can turn all frowns upside down with its swift, multi objective temperature measurement and accurate face tracking results in real time.

Scan upto 40 faces at once.

AI face temperate metre.

Technical specification.

Identify COVID-19 patients instantly.

Contact Tracing APPs for Enterprises

Pragmatic contact tracing

Obliterate any remaning traces of doubt and fear in your life. Assist your kith and kin in quarranting themselves and seeking remedy accodringly by identifying potenital convalescents.

Slaying the pandemic unto patient zero.

Your bulwark against COVID-19. Connect, control and cure coronavirus with real time knowledge. Save hundreds of lives by being part of a digitally communal experience. If you are at the risk of endangering yourself in the nearest grocery store, and you wish to keep yourself updated on news regarding the chaotic pandemic in your vicinity, then look no further. Healium is here to empower you with a strong civic sense so you can self-quarantine, when necessary, in a level headed manner.

Bluetooth and GPS tracking.

Technology and architecture.

Privacy protection.

Custom dashboard and apps.

Business continuity using Cloud Platforms

Attaining perpetuity amidst truth and ideals.

Your business is intangible, invisible and immortal. As an ever-growing organism, it needs a bastion of defenses to ensure its core operations run normally like before.

Anticipate. Defend. Recover. Prosper.

Obliterate any potential threats to your business by predicting them in a pragmatic manner and ensuring optimal disaster recovery. Reinforce your core operations by nurturing your business from scratch. Buy and build aegis systems that prevent damage and reverse the aftermath to the rejuvenation you seek. Because the best of the best don’t just tackle unplanned scenarios – they prepare for it.

Work from home solution.

Secure and private cloud.

Multi-collaboration tools.

Free training workshops for staff.

Dashboards & human intelligence – Liveboards

Shattering orthodox approaches to cognition.

We are past the generations of relying on limited advances in cognitive achievements. Demonstrate your superiority with a battalion of cerebral silicon chips.

You have got a friend in AI.

Achieve cognitive feats through ubiquitous means in a cyber-world. Harvest data and reap benefits within the bat of an eye. Interact with complex systems according to your convenience, your choice. Leave the monotonous, turbulent work to AI with the ability to learn with perfection. Because within the future we aspire for, your wish is the AI’s command.

COVID-19 dashboards.

GIS heatmaps.

AI based data harvesting.

Multi-layered interfaces.

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