The COVID-19 Response Platform

Your bulwark against COVID-19. Connect, control and cure coronavirus with real time knowledge. Save hundreds of lives by being part of a digitally communal experience.

Key Features

Privacy Protection

Secure and Private connection to the authorities

Bluetooth Tracking

Accurate proximity tracking

GPS Assisted

Secondary geo-location for proximity management

Emergency Response

One-Touch access to the Emergency Responders

Quarantine Breach

GPS based Alerts in case of going out of Quarantine 

LEA Module

Making Quarantine management easy for LEAs

Detailed Analytics

Making all information available on the Dashboard

Municipality Module

Makes remedial activities easy to manage

Voice / Chat Module

Direct voice link to authorities in case of emergency

Healthcare Module

Link to Health Experts to guide through the pandemic

SOS Feature

Direct link with the concerned authorities in emergency

News & Updates

All the latest Alerts and News in one place

WhiteLabel Program

Have your own branding  and collaterals along with it

Android / IOS

Available on Both Platforms for Maximum functionality

Tracking Covid-19

The all-in-one tool to manage the spread of the pandemic

Import / Export

Cloud Based Platform for mobility of Data

All-in-One Comprehensive Platform

Are you at the risk of endangering yourself in the nearest grocery store? Do you wish to keep yourself updated on news regarding the chaotic pandemic in your vicinity? Well, look no further. Healium is here to empower you with a strong civic sense so you can self-quarantine, when necessary, in a level headed manner.

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