Internet of

Things – IOT

We ensure your privacy, security and we advance internet connectivity for multiple types of devices ranging from digital thermometers and alarm clocks to mobile phones and laser printers. So you can send and receive data anywhere, anytime.

Our Features

Articulated Platfrom

Operating Systems

Linux, RTOS, embedded


Node-Red, Appcelerator, Node MCU


Consul, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible

Programming Languages

Python, Ruby, C#, Java, C, C++, Javascript


Amazon IoT, Google IoT, Azure


SQL, Postgress, MS SQL, Oracle


MQTT, HTTP(s), H264

Safe and sound, high performance cloud-based infrastructures

Optimal user experience within your statistical grasp.

Our digital fortress – here to ensure your privacy and security

What WE Do

We provide Best-in-Class solutions to all tech related enterprises of all magnitudes.


Alams  provides solutions to Tech companies of all sizes. Our Vast roster of services includes solutions for enterprises operating on all platforms and frameworks.

Security Guranteed

Our state-of-the-art security infrastructure ensure the security and privacy of your data. Our Security team works 24/7 to keep all your Cyber-Security concerns handled.


Consistent and Reliable

Alams ensures that all solutions provided to you are up and running around the clock  which gives you Peace of Mind and uninterrupted access to your data.

Dedicated Support

Our team highly qualified support staff works around the corner to handle all your discrepancies and any and all issues that may arise.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“The nature of our enterprise is defined by its premium quality regarding refreshments. Our need to upgrade logistics was replied with sound advice from this consultancy.”
Ali Azam

CEO, Mountain Dew Pakistan

“Technology consultancies go hand in hand with business enterprises. But there are very few of the former that truly understand needs of the latter. ALAMS is one of those few.”
Faraz Malik

CEO, UFGroup

“Running diagnostics and real time adjustments simultaneously is as hard as it gets. After having a word with the consultants here, I gained prodigious and proactive fixes.”
Faisal Din

CEO, Power Vision

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

Lay down your worries and interact with friendly, trained individuals. Our industrious team is here to make your troubles evaporate into thin air.

Environment Friendly Policy

We are aiming towards a zero carbon footprint goals within our vision for next 5 years. We encourage our partners and customers to help us achieve this together.

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