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Machine Learning

Who doesn’t want to automate monotonous chores with the power of technology? We create revolutionary models for you and expose them to relevant sets of data so that they learn from past computations, making your world a convenient place.

Articulated Platfrom

Programming languages

Python, R, Matlab, C++, Java


Mathematical Methods and Algorithms

Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, A/B testing, deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural networks (RNN), systems of linear and nonlinear differential equations, genetic algorithms, Support Vector Machine (SVM), eXtreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost), Clustering (k-means, DBSCAN, Gaussian mixture, Birch) and Principal Component Analysis



RapidMiner, Weka, Clementine, Orange, Netlogo, AnyLogic, Octave, Tableau


Cloud Solutions for Machine Learning

Amazon Deep Learning AMI, Google Cloud AutoML, Google Cloud ML Engine, Google Cloud Vision API, Microsoft Machine Learning Studio, Microsoft Azure AI



Tensorflow, Torch, Theano, CUDA, Keras, OpenCV, scikit-learn, Pandas, NumPy

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Consistent and Reliable
Consistent and Reliable
Alams ensures that all solutions provided to you are up and running around the clock which gives you Peace of Mind and uninterrupted access to your data.
Security Guranteed
Security Guranteed
Our state-of-the-art security infrastructure ensure the security and privacy of your data. Our Security team works 24/7 to keep all your Cyber-Security concerns handled.
Alams provides solutions to Tech companies of all sizes. Our Vast roster of services includes solutions for enterprises operating on all platforms and frameworks.
Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support
Our team highly qualified support staff works around the corner to handle all your discrepancies and any and all issues that may arise.
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