Social Services

Keen on demonstrating the zenith of communal goodwill, ALAMS Global defines itself with its exemplary yet convenient engagement with APIs. We enable you to make your unique and obiquitous social Services Available to your target audience


Obsolete Analytics

Failure to better assess the needs of citizens dependent on social security

System Migration

Millions of rows of data is un-processable in an efficient way

Data Security

Susceptible to system hacks for highly sensitive data risking people’s identity

Delayed decision making

Dispatch of speedy help to people in need is being hindered by slow decision making process

Waste of resources

Prized and limited resources are consumed to run operations as compared to providing services

Automation of processes

Redirecting critical patient care staff to clerical jobs adversely impacts health of the subjects

Full attention to the Patient

The convalescent needs remedy. With an increasing population and a declining ratio of hospital beds per individual, now more than ever. Pay heed to the afflicted with our Ai- Powered Automated platform and ease their ailing.

Complete cross-platform services

Accomplish wonders online as you switch your operations on multiple mobile devices. Be it a cascading screen in an airport or a cerulean monitor in a hospice, save and continue your work wherever, whenever.

Efficient Patient-Staff communication

Rejuvenate convalescent individuals and diminish mortality by making sure their voice is heard. Be it stating their complaints by pen on paper or granting therapy by nursing staff, obliterate obstacles with clear communication.

Convenient Engagement With AVIs

Distinguish your Health care services with the surging usage of APIs. Be who you’re destined to be. Set protocols, routines and tools through interfaces with us like never before.

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